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Experts Team

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Mr. Morganelli

WEDO Planning Admissions Officer and Consultant

  • The former head of the admissions office of Cornell University, responsible for organizing, modifying, formulating and implementing Cornell University admissions policies

  • Senior member of the National Association of College Admissions Counsellors (NACAC)

  • Administer program enrolment from application to admission by monitoring and organizing applications while ensuing accuracy and uniformity of materials and interview during counselling for applicants to University programs based on established prerequisites, University guidelines, and enrolment numbers


Ms. Juarez

WEDO Planning Admissions Officer and Consultant

  • Admission Officer of Undergraduate Admissions – Freshman & Transfer Admissions External Reader for 18 years at University of California, Berkeley

  • Student Affairs Officer/Admissions Officer for 7 years at the University of California, Berkeley

  • Read and assessed applications of students for possible admission to UC Berkeley

  • Managed application reading responsibilities – training, deadlines, and

  • communication with lead

  • Knowledge of SLATE and resources related to assess a student’s application

  • Create programs for eligibility & competitiveness of high school and community college students from underrepresented communities

  • Help students seeking college & career readiness

  • Provide comprehensive academic interventions to prepare students to enroll, excel and graduate from colleges and universities

  • Apply an exclusive approach that maximizes resources and ideas within each district 

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Mr. Wood

WEDO Planning and  Guidance Consultant

  • Former Alumni Interviewer for Dartmouth College.

  • Have toured many U.S. cities to provide conferences on American school application

  • The honor recipient of CAPE New Writer Fellowship

  • Familiar with top US college admission policies and procedures that will assist the applicant to remain competitive at top educational institutions and to understand the application process, procedures, academic and program requirements, program suitability, and potential eligibility for admission.

  • Guide countless students through the entire application process and successfully navigated the application materials and interview preparation. From choosing the best universities for their academic goals and educational passions to making sure their entire application has an overarching theme, numerous students have achieved successful entrance to top schools.


Ms. Mancuso

WEDO Extracurriculars Center

  • More than 10 years of teaching experience in Euclid Mathematical Competition and Olympiad Mathematical Competition

  • Since 2000, he has been the coach of the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad and has provided professional training for the international team.

  • Chairman of the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad

  • Good at tailoring personalized competitions and background enhancement programs that are helpful to the world's top universities and meet the applicants' personal interests and potentials.

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Dr. Legatt

WEDO Planning Admissions Officer and Consultant

  • Former Deputy Director of Admissions at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, responsible for the review of the application materials of the Wharton School of Business, as well as MBA career planning, strategic guidance, etc.

  • PhD in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania, taught at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for business leadership and cooperation and other related courses

  • Served as a TED speaker, and written numerous articles related to higher education that have been published by US News and Forbes magazine

  • Senior member of the National Association of College Admissions Counsellors (NACAC)



WEDO Psychological Counselling Center

  • The only registered consultant in the field of relationship development intervention training in BC
  • Youth counsellor with extensive work experience in social, emotional, behavioural and neurological fields
  • Has extensive experience in guiding students with acute social emotional and behavioural disorders
  • Psychotherapy Counsellor, Burnaby School District
  • Developmental Disability Association Therapist
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Mr. Bolina

WEDO Academic Guidance Center

  • The teaching director of a top private school in Canada, known as the "Godfather of Mathematics"

  • Has nearly 20 years of experience in the education industry

  • Master of Mathematics, University of Waterloo

  • With unique insights and rich experience in the academic problems encountered by international students, he has helped students plan their academic plans for many times, and has improved their grades reasonably and scientifically within a limited time.

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Mr. Baird

WEDO Background Improvement Center

  • Served as the principal of a number of internationally renowned high schools

  • Won the Qualification Certificate of Harvard University Summer President

  • Winner of the Klingenstein Outstanding Scholar Award, Columbia University

  • Proficient in the standards and secrets of international students applying to the world's top schools

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Mr. Gu

WEDO Application and Common App Guidance Center

  • Master of clerical tutoring

  • Democratic Senator legislative aide of Michigan

  • Engaged in management training for the US "Fortune 500" for many years

  • Have more than 20 years of experience in essays and interview counseling at U.S. Ivy League universities

  • Large-scale lectures have been held all over the world for many years, and articles on the topic of studying abroad documents have been published in magazines and newspapers.

  • Author of many English writing instruction books and has a large number of readers and fans all over the world

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Mr. Frost

WEDO Career Planning Center

  • Holds CPHR Canadian Chartered Human Resources Expert Qualification

  • Has far more than 10 years of professional development and human resource management experience in North America

  • Provided employment consulting and Co-op consulting services for many prestigious schools in North America

  • Since working in the industry, he has helped many students to scientifically plan their future careers, accurately locate their future career paths, master interview skills, etc., and overcome students’ shortcomings in a targeted manner

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Ms. Lin

WEDO Planning and Academic Guidance Center

  • Helped many students enter the coveted Ivy League university. Holds a master's degree in modern language education from UBC, and has received a Dean of Education Scholarship (Dean of Education Scholarship)

  • Taught in the Richmond School District and has more than 20 years of middle school English and French teaching experience

  • Taught college-level English courses at York House School, and also served as a referee in a debate competition