To a better future. Yes, WEDO.


Started in 2018, WEDO PLANNING is a Vancouver based platform for education and vocational training. As aware of the importance of planning for future, WEDO is dedicated to provide each client customized curriculum, planning and training services from high school, university to employment. We strive to build an efficient and successful future path for your career and academic development. 
To a better future. Yes, WEDO.

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Academic Planning

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Led by the former head admissions officer of Ivy League, WEDO academic department includes seven different divisions: 

Admission Center, Planning Center, Academic Center, Counselling Center, Career Center, Portfolio Center, Application Center 

Combine with the involvement of parents, all the departments together form a unique WEDO 7 + 1 service. Different from rigid training mode, we aim to provide a professional platform for every family and bring the fullest potential to students.

Employment Development

Our professional HR team along with a large number of enterprise consultants are looking to build students' all-around skills in the workplace. Our service includes personal evaluations, career planning and employment skills training. WEDO PLANNING also maintains a strategic cooperative relationship with thousands of enterprises and employers in Canada. 

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