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Admissions Officers /
Our team of college counselors is composed of former admissions directors and former admissions officers from top 30 schools in the U.S. They have formed admissions policies, admissions criteria and conducted training for admissions officers of their schools, and have reviewed an average of over 30,000 student applications.
Customized application and materials  /  
Highlight personal advantages and avoid conformity and templates /
Highlight personal advantages and avoid conformity and templates /
Wedo’s Application Team consists of former admissions officers and graduates from the Top 20 schools, and full-time consulting and admissions teachers with over 10 years of experience in common app essays and application submissions. From brainstorming to revising and polishing, we work carefully to help students highlight their personal advantages and enhance the high-quality and impressive personal statements.
Equipped with the best resources / 
Precise focus and emphasis on extracurriculars  /
Wedo’ Career Team include Ivy League school mentors and experts from Fortune 500 companies. We match students with internships in well-known companies, research projects at top institutions, personal projects, extracurriculars and more to ensure that students reach their higher potential.
Professional service  / 
We serve our students closely with accountability/
Wedo highly values our reputation and client satisfaction and recommendation. Each consultant serves a limited number of students to ensure that students receive the best support in their applications and that the application process is updated frequently, so that students receive the best offers.


Wedo Team

The team is composed of academic and admissions experts from Vancouver, Toronto, and the United States.

Each student's plan is designed and monitored by a former Director of Admissions at an Ivy League school.

  1. 康奈尔大学前招生办主任,制定招生政策与标准

  2. 曾负责审核宾夕法尼亚大学招生政策

  3. 曾经负责指导由博士导师组成招的生 委员会每年培训超过40名申请审阅官

  4. 曾负责组织与主持美国顶尖大学两年一度的高峰会议

  1. 前达特茅斯学院面试官

  2. 凭借精湛的写作技巧,曾荣获CAPE NewWriter  Fellowship的殊荣

  3. 熟知美国大学招生思路,帮助无数学生以绝对

  4. 优质的文书跻身世界名校

  1. 维度规划招生官顾问

  2. 担任UC大学招生官超过13年

  3. 伯克利分校招生官

  4. UC大学担任录取顾问,负责申请审核并

  5. 参与制定招生政策与规则

  6. 加州大学咨询团南加州区域主管

  7. 为加州大学伯克利分校在南加州地区佣和培训研究员

  1. BC省唯一一位关系发展干预培训领域的注册顾问

  2. 青少年咨询师,在社交情感、行为和神经领域拥有丰富的工作经验

  3. 本那比学区心理治疗顾问

  4. 发育障碍协会治疗师

  1. 宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院前招生副主任

  2. 曾负责沃顿商学院申请者的材料审核

  3. 宾夕法尼亚大学高等教育博士,曾在宾夕法

  4. 尼亚大学沃顿商学院任教

  5. 多次担任TED演讲者,撰写的高等教育相

  6. 关文章曾多次被US News和福布斯杂志发表

  1. 超过15年职业培训与人力资源工作经验

  2. 常年服务于多所大学就业指导中心

  3. 熟知北美各行业的发展趋势与需求

  4. 拥有庞大的行业资源,帮助众多学生进入优质企业

  1. 超过15年职业培训与人力资源工作经验

  2. 常年服务于多所大学就业指导中心

  3. 熟知北美各行业的发展趋势与需求

  4. 拥有庞大的行业资源,帮助众多学生进入优质企业



Wedo Application Process




  • 职业规划培训(链接到职业规划页面了解更多)

  • 移民身份规划与申请协助(连接到法律文案页面了解更多)

Pre-Application Planning and Enrichment

1/ Customized plan

Through the collection and analysis of information, combined with the student's current situation and goals, future plans and potentials, in-depth analysis, selection of target universities, colleges and majors, we develop the best college admissions strategy and plan for the student.

2/ Extracurriculars and training

We analyze the gap between students and their goals, develop targeted training and background & extracurricular enrichment programs, and match the best opportunities such as internships and research projects to meet the admission standards of their dream schools.

Application Process

3/ Preparation of application materials

4/  Customized documents

Create online application files for target universities and majors, prepare online application materials, CVs and letters of recommendation, etc.

Brainstorming to exploit student's advantages, combined with the characteristics of each university, the development of the essay and focus, along with the best application and common app teachers to improve the quality of the essay, modify, and finally reviewed by the head of our Team, former Director of Admissions.

5/ Close tracking of application progress

We monitor the application status, track the registration of standardized exams and the finalization of documents, and are responsible for the required communication with the institutions during the process, so that the application progress is fully controlled and transparent.

6/ Mock interviews with alumni interviewers

One-on-one mock interviews with former alumni interviewers to recreate the real interview scenario, analyze the core meaning of the interview questions, and present your strengths in combination with your application materials and documents.

After receiving your offers and admissions


7/ School selection advice

We help students choose the best program for themselves from among the offers and provide tips and training guidance to prepare for their future studies.

8/ Career and immigration development planning
Help students obtain long-term development opportunities. (Additional customization)

  • Career planning training

  • Immigration status planning and application assistance



NACAC Official Partner Organization

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NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) is an American Admissions Counseling Association, also known as the American Association for College Admission Counseling. It was established in 1937 and is an authoritative and influential non-profit and non-governmental college admissions consultation organization in the United States.

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